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Kart 6-Volt Battery Ride-On Vehicle (Red)

Kart 6-Volt Battery Ride-On Vehicle (Red)

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Introducing the first foldable electric ride-on, the FLEX Kart from ! The FLEX Kart brings fun to your little ones day, with a 6V battery and charger that power cruising up to 2 mph for a thrilling ride — at a speed you can feel comfortable with. The sleek, high-quality go-kart design will have your child riding in style. With the touch of the button, you can effortlessly fold to store or expand to play. Whether headed to the park or just riding around your neighborhood, take this lightweight, motorized ride-on anywhere and then fold it up to store out of the way. The FLEX Kart measures 30.7 in. x 21.3 in. x 19.1 in. fully open and 30.7 in. x 10.6 in. x 9.25 in. fully folded. Suitable for children 2 years of age and older, weighing up to 55 lb.

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