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K-28214 Anthem Digital Control - Polished Chrome

K-28214 Anthem Digital Control - Polished Chrome

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The advanced Anthem digital control gives you the power to customize your shower experience to match your dreams with the help of easy to read icons and a configurable touch screen. The silky, minimalist display lets you configure and control your outlets, temperature, and flow. The large dial helps to easily change the temperature and flow rate. You can control up to 6 outlets easily from an intuitive interface. Eco mode is an optional built-in feature to help you conserve water and the summary screen promotes mindful water usage. Eco mode works by allowing one outlet usage at a time. Nine user-definable presets let you save your favorite shower settings, giving you your perfect shower experience at the touch of a button. Paired with a system warm up and pause features makes this control an essential part of your bathing needs.

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