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Jl3rh - Job Link Flex Psychrometer Probe

Jl3rh - Job Link Flex Psychrometer Probe

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The JL3RH Job Link Flex Psychrometer Probe has a long flexible wand and a strong sliding magnet for easy measurements anywhere on the system. The JL3RH psychrometer measures dry bulb, wet bulb, %RH, dew point, and enthalpy. Get instant live readings from ducts, plenums, registers, and grilles, or walk around for accurate diagnostics. Now handles extreme duct temperatures up to 250°F and as low as -40°F! Return and supply indicator switch ensures youre recording the proper measurements in the correct place. Also, you can connect your JL3RH wireless psychrometer directly to the Job Link app and the wireless SMAN Refrigerant Manifolds ( 3-port SM380V or 4-port SM480V ) to see live air temperatures readings while youre making adjustments to the system. Furthermore, data log results in the manifolds or Job Link System reports. Remote Data Logging sends air measurements to the Job Link app up to 1000 away! Bend the flexible probe and slide the magnet to configure the psychrometer probe to your situation conveniently. The rubberized protective housing of the JL3RH is both ergonomic and rugged for daily use. Flip the switch, and the Job Link app immediately knows which side of the system you will place your Psychrometer. Use the JL3RH for its long wireless range, strong magnet, and flexible probe for quick and easy psychrometrics testing. job link probes are sold as individuals so that you can use one or more at a time, or they come included in the Job Link Probes Charge and Air Kit .

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