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J309 Jump Starter (300 Amps)

J309 Jump Starter (300 Amps)

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The Stanley 600 Peak Amp car jump starter will instantly start vehicles and motorbikes, even in extreme winter conditions. Features a 120 PSI air compressor, LED worklight, 12-Volt outlet, heavy-duty metal clamps, and lightweight impact-resistant construction.The J309 600 Peak Amp 12V jump starter/power station is a lightweight lifesaver for emergency situations and extreme weather regardless of whether you re dealing with a dead smartphone or a car that won t start. Working on desulfation technology, this unit provides an instant start for most motor vehicles including cars, motorbikes and smaller trucks even when the battery is completely dead. The unit comes with attached, powder-coated metal clamps that snap in place onto the impact-resistant, injection-molded polymer housing. It can also act as a portable power station using the included 12 Volt and USB outlet to charge portable electronics on the go. Other features include reverse polarity alarm, LED indicator lights and a high-powered rotating worklight for easier roadside repairs. Recharging your J309 12V jump starter is a snap, too. Just plug in a household extension cord and wait until the LED indicator turns green.

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