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Instinct Solar Smartwatch (Sunburst)

Instinct Solar Smartwatch (Sunburst)

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Available at Wairau Park Flagship store onlyEngineered to go and endure longer, the Garmin Instinct Solar Smartwatch is an excellent option for individuals with an active lifestyle. It is packed with a powerful battery that can last for 54 days when used with the Solar Charging. It also offers a broad range of Sports Apps like rowing, swimming, running, hiking, biking, and more.Key FeaturesThanks to its Solar Charging function, the Garmin Instinct Solar gives you unmatched power when youre out and about. It also offers Power Manager that lets you access different settings to help save and extend the battery life of your smartwatch. Built with rugged construction, this Instinct Solar Smartwatch makes an ideal companion for your heated workouts and training. It has met the Military Standard 810 and can endure shock, thermal, and water up to 100 meters. The Garmin Instinct Solar features a Body Battery Energy Monitor, enabling you to easily know if you need to rest or have enough energy to do various tasks. It also is equipped with a Pulse Ox sensor which utilises light beams to help you measure your oxygenated blood percentage. With its Multi-GNSS support, this Garmin Smartwatch allows you to use different navigation satellite systems like Galileo, GPS, and GLONASS. It is also integrated with ABC Sensors to help you navigate your route with ease. This Instinct Solar Smartwatch delivers wrist-based heart rate and enables you to get alerts when your heart rate is too high or too low. To help you further track your health, it also comes packed with a Stress Tracking and Advanced Sleep Monitoring feature.

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