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Instinct Merino Wool Full-Length Bottoms For Men - Flint - L

Instinct Merino Wool Full-Length Bottoms For Men - Flint - L

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When it s time for muscle memory to kick in, you need to be able to trust your instinct. Instinct Merino Wool Full-Length Bottoms for Men perfectly complement your Instinct hunting clothing system and deliver reliable performance. More than 150gsm lightweight hunting base-layer bottoms, these high-performance Instinct hunting bottoms have several technical advantage systems. The optimized Merino wool blend brings naturally built-in temperature regulation: It vents excess heat under sun and promotes heat retention in the cold. A moisture-management system helps to make moisture such as sweat evaporate faster, keeping you dry and focused. Plus, Merino wool has odor-reducing properties to keep you more undetected in the field or anywhere you go. Durable, comfort-stretch fibers move with you for better range of motion, and flatlock stitching puts an end to chafing. 86% Merino wool/11% nylon/3% spandex. Machine wash. Imported. 86% Merino wool/11% nylon/3% spandex; High-performance design; Naturally temperature-regulating; Moisture-managing; Odor-reducing; Comfort-stretch fabric; Offset side seams; Flatlock stitching;

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