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Inreach Gps With Built-In Bluetooth - Red/Black

Inreach Gps With Built-In Bluetooth - Red/Black

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Fit global connectivity in your palm with our smallest, lightest satellite communicator yet. Weighing a mere 4.23 oz, inReach Mini provides global messaging and interactive SOS plus basic GPS and compass page navigation. It can pair with a smartphone, tablet or compatible outdoor device to access topographic maps, aerial imagery, U.S. NOAA charts and other advanced features. Two-way Messaging products that include inReach technology are designed to keep you connected. The Iridium satellite network lets you send and receive custom and preset text messages or emails and then get a response back. Interactive SOS In case of emergency, trigger an interactive SOS message to GEOS, a professional 24/7 global monitoring center. Their trained staff is available to respond to your message, track your device and notify emergency responders in your area giving you the peace of mind that help is on the way. GEOS will stay in touch with you and your emergency contacts until your situation is resolved.

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