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Industrial Grade Solar Pool Heater Panel - Superior High-Wind Security Strapless Mounting Advanced Freeze Resistance Extreme

Industrial Grade Solar Pool Heater Panel - Superior High-Wind Security Strapless Mounting Advanced Freeze Resistance Extreme

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TOP-OF-THE-LINE MANUFACTURING: SwimJoys unique square header maximizes flow and increases efficiency. Headers and risers are formed together through a patented manufacturing process creating a single solid piece, eliminating seams and welds that can crack with age and stress. This produces the strongest possible connection and ensures a low maintenance system. LEADING ATTACHMENT METHOD: SwimJoy features the patented Panel Clamp Assembly connection system with a proven record of being the best industry method for connecting panels together and to PVC plumbing. This clamping style eliminates traditional rubber hoses and hose clamps which deteriorate over time requiring maintenance and replacement. This low-profile connection also drastically improves aesthetics, allowing panels to be mounted closer together for a cleaner, more attractive appearance. SPECIALIZED STRAPLESS MOUNTING: Superior rail mounting system allows for strapless flush mounting to any roof type. SwimJoy solar panels are secured at both the top and bottom manifold, producing an extremely secure attachment while allowing for thermal expansion and contraction. This design enhances mounting security in high wind climates and enables SwimJoy to withstand strong storm winds. This design also adds flexibility to the number of mounting locations available on each manifold. ADVANCED RAIL MOUNTING SYSTEM: SwimJoys mounting sleds elevate each riser tube above the roofs surface and allow the roof to breathe, prevent moisture buildup, and virtually eliminate wind loads. When combined with SwimJoys separated tube design and rail mounting system (which requires only one anchor per pad), the result is fewer penetrations and a more aesthetic installation. These innovations set SwimJoy apart & make it one of the most roof friendly systems available! SwimJoy provides homeowners with a top-of-the-line solar pool heating system, among the highest caliber available today, all without the wild price associated with some installation companies. SwimJoy solar panels are extremely durable, energy efficient, freeze resistant, virtually maintenance-free & designed to withstand extremely strong storm winds. A technologically advanced design makes SwimJoy solar pool heaters extremely efficient, while also being almost completely maintenance-free. An energy efficient design provides year-round pool heating in warm climates and extends the swim season in colder climates. Thanks to the reliability, efficiency, and durability of its state-of-the-art system, you can entertain, exercise, and create great memories, worry free. Specialized mounting pads allow for strapless flush mounting to any roof type, minimize roof penetrations and allow for expansion and contraction. SwimJoy s innovative mounting system withstands violent storm winds without the need of tie-down strap. An individual tube design allows roofs to breathe, preventing moisture buildup and virtually eliminating wind loads. SwimJoy features an open flow design with each individual riser tube opening directly into the header, increasing flow, and virtually eliminating backpressure, saving wear and tear on your pool pump. Patented panel clamps eliminate rubber hoses and metal clamps that require regular rooftop maintenance and replacement, eliminating hassles and saving time and money. An individual tube design allows riser tubes to expand and contract independently; eliminating cracks and leaks due to wear and tear from thermal expansion and contraction.

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